EMV Upgrade Instructions


Congratulations on your switch to our eDynamo EMV solution! This article will guide you through the physical conversion. Prior to switching, your Account Manager will set up your new payment gateway, as well as send you an app update (V4.9.22-EMV or similar). 

For each terminal you will need: 


  • (1) eDynamo Card Reader (included)
  • (1) Pro EDBT eDynamo Bracket Kit (included)
  • (1) Right-Angle Lightning Cable (or USB-C, depending on your iPad model) (included)
  • (1) Dual-Port Power Adapter (included)
  • A small and standard size screwdriver (or drill)
  • A label maker 
  • A hex key, toothpick, or other object at least 3 inches long and less than 3/32" in diameter 
  • A Manager with access to Settings in SALIDO
  • Your Guided Access passcode, if enabled 

Assembling the Reader

Step 1: Gather all materials, ensuring that the terminals are powered on and charged.

Step 2: Update all terminals if there is an update available. 

Step 3: Unpackage the eDynamo reader. Hold down the pairing button on the reader to ensure it has sufficient charge. If dead, charge with the included Micro-USB cable. This cable is not compatible with the bracket, so feel free to discard it or repurpose for another use. The eDynamo reader will be charged with the USB/iOS Y Cable included in the Pro eDynamo Bracket Kit and the Right-Angle Lightning Cable (or USB-C). 

Step 4:   Unpackage the Pro eDynamo Bracket Kit. Follow the included instructions until Step 4. If needed, the instructions can be found in this article's attachment. 

 Step 5: (Recommended) Create a label with the serial number (S/N) of each card reader. This is the only way you will be able to identify each reader once they are fully assembled. The serial number can be found on a white label on each reader. Attach the label to the back of the intended bracket as shown. 


Step 6: Remove the iDynamo reader and bracket from each terminal, saving at least (2) screws to secure the new eDynamo bracket. 


Step 7: Insert the separate Right-Angle cable into the iPad. The Lightning end of the USB/iOS Y Cable is not sufficient to charge your terminal and should not be used. Feel free to bend it back (as shown) and secure it with a twist tie or zip tie. 


Step 8: Secure the eDynamo bracket to the terminal enclosure with (2) of the screws previously used to secure the iDynamo bracket. 


Step 9: Plug both the Right Angle and USB/iOS Y Cables into the Dual-Port Power Adapter to charge. 


Pairing the Reader

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings of the iPad and ensure that Bluetooth is on.  Note that when enabled, you may see a list of eDynamo readers. Do not pair them here. Pairing is done within the app itself on each terminal.



Navigate to Display & Brightness and ensure that brightness is set to 50% or below. Bluetooth increases the iPad's energy consumption. With SALIDO running, Bluetooth on and a brightness greater than 50%, the terminal may not be able to charge as quickly as it uses energy, ultimately resulting in loss of power. 


Step 2: Open SALIDO, note that the notification indicating that there is no reader paired in the top right. 

Step 3: Sign in, then navigate to Main Menu>Settings>Card Reader.

Step 4: Using the hex key (or similar tool), press the pairing button on the reader through the bracket. You'll feel a slight depression. Press until a blue light begins to blink.


Step 4: Once detected by the terminal, the serial number of the reader will display in the list of pairable readers. Release the pairing button immediately. 

Step 5: Select the serial number of the reader. You may be prompted to enter a pairing code. Enter "000000" and select pair. 


Step 6: Once paired, you are ready to begin using the reader! 



The eDynamo is not listed in the list of pairable readers:

  1. Ensure the reader is charged. A green light on the right side will confirm if the device is on. 
  2. Toggle Bluetooth off, then on in the iPad settings. This will refresh its ability to detect other devices. 
  3. Refresh the list of pairable readers in the top right of the list by selecting the refresh icon. 

Additional issues:

Contact our Support Team at any time; support@salido.com or +1(855) 879-7595. 


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