Terminal Status Indicators

The SALIDO Terminal will notify users if it's experiencing connectivity or other processing issues in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen. Below is a list of the most common Terminal Status Indicators. 

  1. “Device is syncing” or "Syncing" – This means that the device is working to create a strong connection with the network. Checks can still be opened, tickets can be sent, and payments can be processed; however, these actions will process more slowly. This message will most often appear when the App is first opened. If the message does not go away within a minute, force quit the app by following the steps to Close and Refresh the App. Also check out instructions to Connect to the Network to confirm the iPad is connected to the designated network.
  2. ”Offline” – This means that the iPad is not connected to the network and not syncing with the Bridge, also known as "the backend" of the system. Check out iPad Troubleshooting to learn more about what this means and how to manage operations in this mode.
  3. “MagTek swiper not detected” – This means that the MagTek Card Reader is not plugged into the iPad. Unscrew the part of the stand that encases the card reader and confirm that it is inserted securely into the iPad Lightning Connector.  
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