Double Confirmation for Check Voids

Double Confirmation for Check Voids

Authorized users will now receive a double confirmation when attempting to perform a void. If a user does not have permission to perform a void, he or she can initiate the process, but cannot complete void without a manager's approval.

To void an entire check from the Order Screen

  1. Tap the Void button in the Check Action Drawer
    1. Authorization may be required if you do not have access to to void items
    2. If you do have access to perform voids, proceed to the next step
  2. When prompted, select the reason for voiding the check
  3. Select "Authorize"
  4. "Authorize" will appear in red for you to select again (This is the double confirmation).

*There may be instances where a void cannot take place. If a void cannot be completed due to an "Active Payment" being present on the check, you must first review and remove the payment before voiding the check. 

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