Reinstate a Digital Signature


If your terminals are configured to accept digital signatures (also works if digital tipping is enabled), the print receipt button is replaced with an action button which when selected presents the user with an option to either “Reinitiate Digital Signature” or “Print receipt 

  1. Navigate to the checks screen
  2. While on the check screen select check status filter and tap the closed option
  3. Locate the recently closed check that needs to be reopened
  4. When prompted, select reopened 
  5. Click on the total button in the Cash Action Drawer
  6. You will see the credit card payment information to the right of the menu items
  7. Select the "Digital Signature Button"Screen_Shot_2017-12-21_at_3.02.18_PM.png
  8. Tap the digital signature prompt
  9. The customer will now have the ability to change the tip amount and resign his or her signature
  10. The customer can then select done signing and choose how he or she wants to receive her receipt
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