Transfer and Merge Checks at the Same Time

You can  transfer and merge checks with a single action when selecting the transfer button in the Check Action Drawer. When you have two tables with checks, you can merge table 1's check into table 2's check by pressing the "Merge" button beside the table on the transfer screen. When the merge button is clicked, the check can be transferred and then merged into the destination check.

Transfer and Merge Workflow

  1. In the “Cash Action Drawer” of an open check, select the transfer button
  2. Select all applicable selections for the check
    1. Select the "Revenue Center" the check will live in
    2. Select the "Table" the check will go to 
    3. Select the "Server" the check will belong to
  3. Tap the Merge button that appears near the table icon to select a table
  4. Tap the Merge button a 2nd time to initiate the merge
  5. Confirm that the information on the prompt is correct
    1. The check you are merging into
    2. The party size
    3. The table number
    4. The time the table has been open
    5. The server
  6. Tap Confirm when prompted to complete the transfer and merge of the check
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