Preference Profiles


Configure Terminal behavior for checks, station, card payments, receipts, prep tickets, and reports. 

1. Checks: 

    a. Quick Service Workflow: immediately open a check when you login 

    b. Table position tracking: select disabled, optional or required to prompt or add positions to a Menu Item

    c. Prompt for party size: require party size when creating a new order 

    d. Prompt check transfer recipients for approval: toggle on or off to allow users to 'accept' transfers or to 'accept' automatically  

    e. Cardholder as display name (if label is blank): automatically capture guest name from credit card if payment card is swiped to open a new check 

2. Station: 

    a. Lock screen timeout (seconds): control how many seconds a terminal can be idle for, before it automatically return to the SALIDO Login Screen 

    b. Bank Tracking: select 'none' to remove all auditing, select 'by employee' to track cash payments by employee ('open' bank at $0), select 'by terminal' to track payments by bank and not capture transactions by employee. 

    c. Show unread notifications on sign-on: select this option to be prompted before any other terminal actions, any notifications will always be apparent in orange in the upper right corner of the terminal screen 

3. Card Payments: 

    a. Customer signs digitally: allow this function for tip and signatures to be captured directly on the terminal 

    b. Enable quick close: allow checks to be closed immediately once the signature or payment is captured

    c. Allow customer to add tip 

    d. Signature threshold ($): list at 0 or input a minimum amount to require signatures for transactions 

4. Receipts: printed for guest copy 

    a. Auto-print guest chit: a receipt containing guest profile and notes 

    b. Auto-print upon closing checks: a printed itemized copy 

    c. Include mods in item price: calculate any up-charged modifications within Menu Item price. If turned off, up-charged modifications will print as a separate line item  

    d. Print $0 items: include any Menu Items listed at $0 rung in on the Order Screen

    e. Print $0 mods: list modifications as line items within a Menu Item 

    f. Print large check number: apply a larger font 

    g. Print notes: include any written notes to a Menu Item or Check on the guest copy 

    h. Show check identifier: none, label, or display name to print on the guest copy 

    i. Show table number

    j. Show revenue center

    k. Show scheduled for: to list time order is expected 

5. Prep Tickets, tickets printed to the kitchen 

    a. Show check identifier: guest name/label added to a check 

    b. Show printer name: prep station prep ticket is sent to 

    c. Show order type: assigned to check  

    d. Show check number 

    e. Show table number

    f. Show party size

    g. Combine identical items: in consideration with exact modifiers  

    h. Group items by prep station: control order of Menu Items printed 

    i. Footer size: select small/large font 

    j. Show scheduled for: order to be completed by 

    k. Show prepare at: the time an order prep needs to be initiated in order to meet the 'scheduled at time' (scheduled times need to enabled in 'order types') 

    l. Separate HOLD/FIRE ticket chits: individually print commands from order tickets 

    m. Send void notices to printers: when an Ordered Item is voided in the Order Screen

6. Reports: select which metrics are shown on the Daily Detail and Shift Report printed from the POS terminal   

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