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12W Apple Adapter
Apple certified wall outlet adapter that allows higher currents of voltage to charge your iPad quickly
3dots.png 3 Dots In the Bridge and terminal allow further actions and populates a drop down menu to select
86 Indicates when a Menu Item is no longer available to sell
mainmenu.png SALIDO Main Menu Allowing access the Floor Plan, Checks Screen, Manage Bank, Guests, Status & Reports, Settings, SALIDO Bridge, Manage Menu (restrictions may apply depending on your Role)
6#Pin Unique individual pin, used for SALIDO Login Screen and configured in the Bridge
Archived Inactive items in the Bridge that will be stored but not viewable by terminal or on any non-applicable reports
Authorization  A user 6#Pin or SALIDO Access Card swipe which allows permission on certain actions that are configured to restrict access


BETA Reports Located under 'Reports' from the Bridge Main Menu, a version of our advanced reporting that automatically populates
Bridge bridge.SALIDO.com – a website where your POS configurations and extensive reporting live
Bridge Main Menu Access dashboard, checks, reports, employees, menu manager, device, and setup


Card Reader Status Indicator  Located in the Terminal Notification Center, will display "MagTek swiper not detected", until MagTek Card Reader is secured within the iPad Lightning Connector
Check Action Drawer Located in bottom left corner of Order Screen, specifically prompts Check Actions
Check Actions Located in the Check Action Drawer, these are applicable to the entire check only: discount, void, receipt, save/send, gratuity, transfer, split and merge
Check ID Header listed in the Check Screen and Order Screen containing check details: guest/label, covers, table, check number, time open, order type, and owner
Check Override The action of forcing a check open on a terminal when it is currently open on another terminal (may result in data loss). Avoid overriding the check by checking all other terminals and returning them to the SALIDO Login Screen through the lock icon before attempting to open the check again. If an override is completed, the check is now locked you will no longer be able to access that check from the original terminal owner and must close it out from a different terminal.
Checksicon.PNG Checks Screen Accessible by the Order Screen or through SALIDO Main Menu, view and search all open/closed checks for current business day by: revenue center, employees, order type
Counts Configured by "Manage Menu" from the SALIDO Main Menu, the amount of units you have left of a Menu Item, available to sell
Custom Payment Allows allocation to an account so a check may be closed to a third-party payment source i.e. gift cards, delivery, house accounts etc.


Discounts A percentage or amount removed from a Menu Item or check
Day Part A distinct time period labeled in the Bridge


Floorplan.png Floor Plan: Accessible by Check Screen, Order Screen, or Main Menu; view and access any checks by Revenue Center associated with a table (Green = you | Purple = others | Grey = no open check)


Gratuity An automatic gratuity added to a check before the check is presented to the guest


iPad Home Button Used to turn iPad screen on, return to iPad Home Screen, double click to view all open or running apps and swipe up to fully close
iPad Home Screen An iPad main menu screen containing all apps, select an app to open
iPad Lightning Connector A proprietary Apple port "Lightning" used to connect the device to an outside source
iPad Power Button On/Off, Sleep/Wake function located on the short edge of the iPad near the corner


Legacy Reports The initial version of reporting available in the Bridge accessible under the reports tab along the yellow top header and can be used if the BETA Reports are not behaving as they should
Locked Check A check becomes locked when it is overriden by another terminal and therefore will no longer be accessible by the original terminal. To access the check, open at a different terminal


MagTek Card Reader iDynamo iOS Swipe Card Reader, inserts into lightning port and reads credit card and SALIDO Access Card data and encrypting at swipe point
Main Menu Footer On the SALIDO Main Menu including Station Information and access to SALIDO support, print shift reports, take breaks, and clocking out
Menu Item An item added in the Bridge menu item database which is represented by a button and available to pin to a menu on the Order Screen or searched
Menu Item Categories Grouped Menu Items that are a subcategory of Revenue Categories i.e. App, Entrée, Dessert
Menu Manager Accessible by the SALIDO Main Menu to define Menu Item inventory or 86Menu Item
Menu Viewer Bottom right corner of Order Screen, select to view different menu's as configured in the Bridge
Micro USB Cable Primary power cable that connects to MagTek Card Reader and 12W Apple Adapter
Modifier  An addition or subtraction to a component of a Menu Item which may have a dollar value assigned, configured by Modifier Groups and applied to Menu Item Categories
Modifier Group A collection of Modifiers applicable to a Menu Item Category or a Menu Item


Network Status Indicator Shown in the Notification Center: "Terminal is Syncing" and working to connect, "Terminal is OFFLINE" and can be continued for use in Offline Mode
Notification Center Will display any alerts with terminal status alerts for print jobs, payments, and Network Status Indicators



A wall/barrier you may add when editing the Floor Plan to mirror a current revenue center, tap the grid to add/adjust
Offline Mode When Network Status Indicators list "Terminal is OFFLINE", continue using the SALIDO app to capture payments and send orders - all data will sync with the Bridge and payments will be processed once the terminal comes back online
Offline Payment: When a card payment information is captured in Offline Mode in order to enable authorization once the terminal comes back online
Order Item List: Located on left side of Order Screen, populated with selected Menu Items and displays item specific details: price, quantity, Discount, Modifiers, and notes
Order Screen When viewing a new or existing check - add and edit Menu ItemsCheck Headers and view the Check Action Drawer and Menu Viewer
Ordered Item Menu Item that has been sent, indicated by a green bar to the left of the the item in the Ordered Item List


Payment Gateway

Our merchant service provider that authorizes credit cards and processes transactions
Pop Drawer Located on Main Menu Footer of SALIDO Main Menu, tap to open drawer
POS Terminal Setup Wizard The assignment of the SALIDO app to an organization, brand, location, and terminal name
Preference Profile A profile assigned to a terminal which configures terminal behavior with: checks, station, card payments, receipts, prep tickets, and reports
Prep Profile Routing behavior of a printer connection to a prep station, assigned by Revenue Center to group multiple terminal stations to mirror behavior. (Menu Items are assigned a prep station to print to. This prep station is assigned a printer and this is where you assign a printer to the prep station)
Prep Station The area where a Menu Item is prepared or composed, uses a printer or KDS to receive order
Price Levels Labels belonging to an organization that are applied at the location level through Price Rules 
Price Rules Assign price levels to order types at a location level as determined by order type and Day Part.


Revenue Category

The highest level of Menu Item organization for reporting purposes i.e. Wine/Liquor/Food
Revenue Center Defined areas of a restaurant i.e. dining room, counter, bar, patio. Filtered subcategory of Floor Plans and Check Screen
Roles A profile containing permission sets/restrictions in POS and Bridge applicable to employee positions


SALIDO Access Card

A card configured in the Bridge, one of two ways to access the SALIDO app through the SALIDO Login Screen
SALIDO Login Screen First page when the SALIDO app is opened from iPad Home Screen contact SALIDO support and view: Station Information and any Terminal Status Indicators. Login using 6# Pin, SALIDO Access Card, and clock in from here
Shift Report A summary of employee transactions for the current shift: sales overview, payment summary, tips, discounts, bank management
Station information Information specific to the terminal and the user currently logged in


Tax Rules A customizable label used to organize and define tax behavior within a Revenue Center
Terminal Printer Printer directly assigned to terminal(s), access connection status from SALIDO app settings. May be used to print checks and/or as a Prep Station
Terminal Status Indicator Displayed below Notification Center on SALIDO Login Screen, will notify you when MagTek Card Reader is not connected and other Network Status Indicators



A variation is an alternate form of the same menu item (example: different sizes of menu item - small vs large, different types of the same menu item - white rice vs brown rice)
Void reason A label prompted when a void is completed on the POS terminal, configured in the Bridge
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