View Kitchen Display Systems are designed to mirror prep tickets. They should be configured as a replica of printer set ups:

1. Select the KDS role: 

   a. Expo: View and manager all tickets and Menu Items being prepared at separate prep stations, once an order is complete, press "Done" and an order alert will be generated if turned on for a terminal under devices. 

   b. Prep: Mark order as "started" and "done" only applicable to orders with Menu Items being composed at this specific prep station. As configured by "Prep Profiles" under "Setup" 

   c. Viewer: Real time view of any KDS device without any action capability

2. Device IP address: view IP by selecting Wifi under iPad settings to make sure the device is correctly listed, this needs to be correct to connect 

3. Printer: select if applicable to print completion tickets for orders when you press 'done' on a KDS terminal 

4. Preference profile: align how you wish for prep tickets to be configured as reflected in "Setup" under the "prep ticket" settings of"Preference Profiles" in the Bridge. 

You can adjust time length on color indicators to alert team of high time tickets. 

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