View all terminals and the default terminal behavior and configuration for: 

1. Printer: select the printer you would like guest receipts to print from, this does not affect printer routing behavior for Menu Items 

2. Role: Point of Sale contains the functionality of a 'Time Clock'. To restrict terminal use to a 'Time Clock' only, select the appropriate option 

3. Default Order Type, Revenue Center, & Menu: while the terminals will have access to all options within the location, set which selections will automatically populate with a new order. 

4. Preference Profile: assign a profile of set behaviors to the terminal, as configured under "Setup" in regards to new checks, station, card payments, receipts, and details listed on daily detail and shift report.

5. Order Alerts: a text message sent to a cell number once the order is marked "done" on the KDS Expo screen.  

6. Order Alert Controller: turn on this function to assign a device to behave exclusively as an order alert center and remove any POS functionality 

*The color indicator to the left represents whether the terminal is online (green) or offline (red) and syncing data with the Bridge. 

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