Add a Menu Item




1. Add the Menu Item to the Menu Item Database:

    a. Login to Bridge

    b. Select "Menu Manager" from Bridge Main Menu 

    c. Choose "Menu Items" from drop down

    d. Select "Create New"

    e. Input:

  • Name
  • Button color
  • Price (assign a dollar value, leave blank to default a "prompt" for price each time ordered)
  • Assign Menu Item Category
  • Short name (name to appear on POS button)
  • Assign prep station to direct printing behavior
  • Define and configure the appropriate price levels for each Variation of the menu item.  
  • Based on the Menu Item Category assigned, all Modifiers assigned to the Menu Item Category will be auto populated. Add any additional applicable Modifier Groups applicable to the specific Menu Item. 
  • Toggle "prompt" to enable a pop up window for Modifier selections when adding a Menu Item in the Order Screen 

2. Pin the Menu Item to the menu (i.e. POS Order Screen):

    a. Select "Manage Menu" from Bridge Main Menu 

    c. Choose "Menu" from drop down

    d. Select menu you would like to pin a new Menu Item to

    e. Click the " + " to search then assign the Menu Item to a button within the menu

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