Printer Not Printing Any Orders

1. Confirm printer is on and connected to the power source as indicated by a solid blue light 

2. Check iPad Settings to ensure you are connected to the correct wifi network 

3. Turn printer off for 60 sec and turn printer on again 

     a. Try printing, if does not print - proceed to next step 

4. Locate reset button, you will need a pin/pen to push. This button is an unmarked black circle beneath the metal surface located near the cable ports 

    a. M30, locate by removing printer base (pop open) and looking for raised platform near ports 

    b. U220 - this unmarked button is located on the back of the machine near cable ports 

5. Press and hold reset button until a receipt prints, if does not print please try again 

6. Verify "link status" is listed as "connected" 

7. View IP address and compare with IP in the SALIDO app 

    a. From SALIDO Main Menu select "Settings" and "Terminal Printer". Next to printer name, does the IP address match what is listed on receipt? 

    b. If the IP address does not match, login to the Bridge. Select "Devices" from the Bridge Main Menu and "printers"
 from the drop down.

         i. Click  to the right of printer, and "edit"

         ii. Type in IP address listed on receipt and save  

8. Return to "Settings" from SALIDO Main Menu and view "Terminal Printer" screen to select and tap "Test Print" 

 9. If problem persists, please contact your IT Network Manager 

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