Sales Reports

Login to Bridge and select "Reports" from Bridge Main Menu then click "Sales" from the drop down:  

1. Sales summary - see overview of sales by revenue center, order type, day parts 

2. Sales by menu Item - overview of each item organized by Menu Item Category , see dollar sales and quantity 

3. Menu Item Detail - view every instance in which a Menu Item was applied to a check and subsequent details

4. Sales by Modifier - view summary of modifiers and quantity of times used for a period 

5. Sales by Hour - sales data totals broken down by hour 

6. Employee Sales Performance - view employee sales data organized by Position. Select a single day/day part to view an overview of their shift report. See sales/tips/gratuity 

7. Discount Summary - view list of discounts and application on the check v. item and $ amount discounted 

8. Discount Detail - view every instance in which a discount was applied, item it was applied to/check and who owned check v. authorized 

9. Void Summary - view number of times a void was applied and $ value associated 

10. Void Detail - view every instance a void was applied and details about the instance 

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